my planners

Curious what planners I use?

Many of the links below are affiliate links. This means, while they cost you nothing extra, I receive a small commission for purchases made through them. Thank you so much for your support and using my links if any of these products spark your interest!

Below you will find photos and brief descriptions of the planners I am using as of July 23rd, 2022! If you want more details, please let me know in the comments below or send me an email! Note: I do, on occasion, use a different planner here or there just to check it out or to try something new.

Hobonichi Weeks

This is the planner I use most consistently. Funny enough, I don’t use it to plan. Instead, I’ve been using it to track my pregnancy. I track symptoms (physical and mental), appointments, happenings either related or impacting, etc.. I use the back pages if I need more space to write; however, I probably didn’t need the Mega.

Plum Paper

I am currently using the A5 Vertical Priorities planner for pre-planning. I don’t really take this planner on the go with me and I’m also not sure if it’s working out that well for me.

For work, I purchased a custom Meeting notebook (the front pages are all for meeting notes), and I added regular lined paper, lists paper, and project brainstorming pages. And, to compliment this, I purchased a weekly overview stitched planner. This works so well because I can list out all my to dos for the week on the left side, and then note any important meetings or deadlines on the right.

*If you’d like 10% off your first purchase, let me know and I can send you the link!

Erin Condren 7×9 Hourly

I use this planner sometimes. Mostly for just fun.

My Planner Tools

If you want to take a look at some of my favorite planner tools (and other Amazon finds), check out my Amazon Storefront!!

Hobonichi Avec A5

I also take this planner with me. I often use the weekly pages to track what actually happened during the day and then use the back pages for lists, notes, and general journaling.

My cover is a Moterm A5.

Passion Planner Daily

I use the daily for journaling. The left side helps me map out my day (after the fact) and can sometimes get my brain moving in a direction that allows me to journal on the right.

Archer & Olive

I also can’t resist a good notebook!

Amazon Echo Show

This is my family’s information hub. From the weekly schedule, to To Dos, notes, reminders, love notes…

I also use the Apple Calendar on my iPhone 11+.

This allows me to have shared calendars. If it’s not in the phone calendar, it doesn’t exist for my husband.

It also helps me future plan, and then plan for my week.

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