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I truly enjoy working with brands to help promote their products and look forward to speaking with you to find out how I can support your needs!

My current Instagram follower count is 2,261, and it experiences steady growth. Within the period of March 23 – June 20, 2022, I reached 24,445 accounts.

If you would like to collaborate with me in some way, I am happy to chat! Please send me an email at:

In the meantime, here are some ideas on how we could work together!

Sponsored Posts and Videos

Content Creation


Product Reviews

Giveaway Campaigns

Long-term Collaboration

If my content and message resonate with you and you’re interested in a longer-term collaboration, please reach out to me so we can connect and make a plan!

For Example:

  • On-going posts and/or videos.
  • Collaboration on design concepts for printables, planners, stickers, mental health awareness initiatives, etc..
  • Social Media takeovers.

Please note: If you have a product you think my audience would enjoy and would like to send it to me, please do! Understand, once I receive the product, I will certainly take a look and be excited to receive Happy Mail; however, there is no guarantee I will review it, use it, or share it with my followers. I also reserve the right to offer your product to my followers as a giveaway or as a gift, especially if I am sent multiples.

If I receive unsolicited product, I will assume you are in agreement with the terms above.

Please send mail/products to this address:

Megan Begin

2055 Diamond Hill Rd #7757

Cumberland, RI 02864

If you are a fellow planner or self care and wellness ambassador who would like to do a collab with me – send me a DM on IG! Let’s connect and do something creative and fun!! Maybe a live, a video, or a planning challenge!

Here’s what’s being said about meganbplansitall:

I love the transformation of your difficult feelings into something beautiful. Incredible.

Avant Agenda

I loved watching this reel and your process!

Hemlock & Oak

LOVE this! Such a detailed and thoughtful overview. Tysm!

Simple Self Co.

Let’s have a chat!

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