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Megan B

Planner, Mom, Wife, Professional

Hello, I am Megan! I’ve used planners since college – where I was often so busy I realized if I didn’t write it down, it didn’t get done or I didn’t show up!

In my adult life, while most people use their phones to track their lives, I still really enjoyed the aspects of writing things down…

Fast forward to 2020, when I found an online community dedicated to planning! Playing with stickers and collecting pens was COOL again! And planning is a great way for me to get to reflect and have “me” time, get my chaotic thoughts out of my head and onto paper, and help calm my anxiety. 

It is important for us all to find ways to manage our mental health. I spent so much of my life living with anxiety and depression instead of learning to manage it. I hope I can inspire others to find their own special outlets, so they can stop exhausting themselves trying to be someone elses’ “normal” every day, when they can find their own normal. 

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Peace & Cookies!

what my site is all about:
  • Planning
  • Managing my Anxiety and Depression
  • Making Lists
  • Trying new things
  • Momlife

Check out this video to learn more about how planning helps manage my anxiety:

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