Some of my Favorite Planner & Journaling Sticker Shops

There are many, many wonderful shops out there that cater to the planner community, so this is just a short list of some of the ones I keep going back to. The point of this post is to maybe expose you to something new to try! And please leave a comment below with YOUR favorite shops!

In no particular order:

Designer Chameleon

All beautiful, hand drawn stickers. Totally unique art you won’t find anywhere else. I especially like using these stickers for journaling.

Itty Bitty Sticker Co.

So many kitty character stickers! I think kitty stickers have been my favorite since I joined the planner community; Mauly stickers were certainly a top notch find for me! And, if you are more interested in kits, they’ve got those, too!!

Orange Umbrella Co.

I always go back to Orange Umbrella Co because of the variety of kit options available – Plum Paper, Erin Condren, TPC, MakseLife, and Passion Planner. And all in multiple layouts and sizes.

Beneva Creations

This shop is so amazing because there are so many (realistic) parent-related stickers AND I can customize each character for hair and skin tone. The one shown above depicts my life so well.

Vaalea Tumma

Surprise! Another character sticker shop. Vaalea Tumma’s character girl stickers come in light and dark skin and they are SO sassy! I love them so much.

Let’s Plan It

Beautiful artwork and scripts (Oh my gosh, the manuscripts scripts! I wish I could afford to buy them all). I purchase Hobonichi kits here, but standard vertical is available, too.

And here are some others:
  • Paper Minty Studio: Another shop with stunning, original artwork. Very geared toward journaling. And gorgeous washi, too! This shop definitely makes me wish I was rich – I want every little thing she creates.
  • Saucy Stickers Co: These kits are all very calming to me – and beautiful. I am particularly drawn to the journaling kits; although, I do get Hobonichi Cousin kits from there, too.
  • Kevin A Creates: Standard vertical kits here, but Kevin’s choice in artwork aligns with what I like. And he has a bunch of really awesome die cut stickers, too! I’m also just drawn to him as a person.

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