a PR story II: Archer & Olive

When I first discovered Archer and Olive, I fell in love with the beautiful product. Then I started reading about the brand and found Bonnie’s story, I fell in love with her and her company. I was still new to the idea of affiliate marketing, so I simply reached out and asked if I could collaborate. The answer was “no” because they weren’t looking for collaborations at the time (and, obviously, at the time I didn’t really have anything to offer), but I was thanked for sharing my story and offered the opportunity to apply for their affiliate program! After applying I was accepted!!

Clearly, you can easily guess I am an Archer and Olive affiliate. This means any links within this blog post are likely affiliate links and I will make a commission on any purchases made using them. Here’s the first one: Archer and Olive website.

I want you to first take a minute and read Bonnie’s “why”. Why she stated this company and why she keeps working so hard at it. Bonnie’s Story. Let me know when you’re back.

Archer & Olive is a small company run by Bonnie and a very small team – some product even still ships right from her home! This is her passion and my number one reason for being so thrilled to be on this team is because I want to share Archer & Olive with everyone! And here’s why:

just gorgeous.

These notebooks are by far the most beautiful notebooks I have ever had. The covers are amazing and the paper is so thick it stands up to anything I try to stick to it.

Pictured above:

collaborations with female artists

Not only am I supporting a female business owner by sharing Archer & Olive, but I also get to help support so many wonderful female artists every time Bonnie collaborates with one! I love that as a small business owner and entrepreneur, Bonnie uses her company to also showcase others.

I couldn’t list all the artists Archer & Olive has worked with, but here are some:

Bonnie’s why

Earlier I asked you to read about Bonnie and her “why”. If you didn’t, I can wait: Bonnie’s Story.

When I first read her story, I identified so deeply with her and her mission. I’ve been living with anxiety and depression my entire life. When I was younger, I thought it was my personality and I was, in some way, just broken. Because I felt so confused and so lonely in these issues for the majority of my life, I’ve made it a goal of mine to be as open as possible with my own struggles so others don’t have to feel alone.

I feel if I can help share Bonnie’s company and her words, I am able to even better spread awareness about just how much mental health matters.

Writing and being creative has always been an outlet for me – even before I understood I needed an outlet. Archer & Olive journals have helped me get back to those things that make me feel better.


The team at Archer & Olive truly cares about the community around them. They pick amazing and talented people for their Design Team and they treat everyone associated with them so well! There are monthly virtual meetings for affiliates and I believe the same for the Design Team to keep everyone up to date and ensure any and all questions are answered. The Design Team receives so many perks on top of being paid for their time and contributions (payment in addition to commission). Archer & Olive really focuses on creating a community within their team, extended team, and their customers. I even get responses every time I comment on a story or share Archer & Olive content to my own stories!

Not the least of all the amazing things this company does, Bonnie makes it a point to try her best to provide people with any help she may be able to provide. For example, for her birthday this year, Bonnie put out a call to her followers asking for them to let her know what they needed and she did her best to help as many as she could.

Archer & Olive has also made a massive effort to celebrate Black History Month by collaborating with black creators to fill the social media waves with their voices. And what’s a celebration without new product! Product created by Archer & Olive and black artists/business owners!


I love Archer & Olive. I love the company, the product, the founder, and the team. I feel so privileged to be an affiliate and maybe someday I will apply to the Design Team!

And definitely check out the blog posts written by the Design Team and others because there’s a TON of wonderful tips, tricks, and things to help you along your journaling path: Archer and Olive Blog Posts

Lastly, I will never discourage the purchase of another notebook! Buy THEM ALL!!

peace & cookies


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