A PR Story: Designer Chameleon

part of the December ’21 Celebration Set

Designer Chameleon is the very first shop to give me a shot and trust me to help with the public relations (pr – aka affiliate marketing) aspect of her business. Specifically, I am an ambassador and I do not make money for helping out, but I do get free stickers. So, I will certainly add links within this post to make it easy for you to find stickers; however, I’m not going to give you a disclaimer because I won’t make money from your clicks. This being said, please do go check out my post about being an affiliate!

As indicated in my post about being an affiliate, my strongest suggestion is to only PR for shops, stores, organizations, companies, etc. you really like (even better if it’s love). So, this series is to talk about some of the companies I PR for and why I do! Since Designer Chameleon was my first experience, this is where I’ve decided to start now.

Posts seem to work well when they are lists… So let’s get it going.

my number one reason I am an ambassador for Designer Chameleon is Mandy is simply a lovely woman.

Full disclosure, I am also one of her Patreons. This gives me another avenue to get to know Mandy, which has been nothing but a big advantage. She is so interactive and makes sure her Patreons feel special. If you’ve ever thought of supporting a creator in this way, Mandy is a great way to start. I get stickers in my mailbox automatically each month, I get to participate in polls to help pick themes, and I get to support an artist.

She is talented all on her own, but still seeks out feedback and criticism from her ambassadors for any and all ways to make her stickers and her business more successful. She listens and acts on this feedback as well. And I just imagine her smiling the whole time! Just watch one of her Youtube Videos and you will get a sense of how amazing she is!

I feel like she’s a friend and that makes me happy.

Oh, an lastly: She gets really excited about my reels! Which makes me feel good.

creative is an understatement

First of all, Mandy of Designer Chameleon draws all of her own sticker designs. Each time you purchase a sticker sheet from her website, it will be a complete original you won’t see anywhere else. This fact is amazing for a bunch of reasons:

  • Creativity is hard! Coming up with designs, colors, themes mostly on your own is an amazing feat.
  • A lot, if not most, shops out there purchase their designs from third parties; therefore, the temptation to go that route has to be strong.
  • This is a small shop so, while I have no idea how much she makes, most of her time spent on her sticker designs is largely unpaid right now.
    • I am not even taking into account all the other hours she spends on her shop on other tasks.
  • The confidence it takes to share your art is unmeasurable.

I’m sure you all get the point, impressive is also an understatement.

the stickers are amazing.

So, clearly Mandy’s skills are wonderful, but we all have different tastes when it comes to sticker and art. Personally, my taste is these stickers – I think they are beautiful and I love them so much. How silly it would be for me to PR for a sticker shop if I wasn’t really into using them. But, who knows…? Maybe people do that. I really just do not recommend it. Not worth it.

my own creativity often needs a boost

Mandy’s stickers are so pretty and they often help me be more creative when it comes to planning. Her stickers are more decorative than full “kits” like a lot of shop. Therefore, you aren’t going to find a sticker kit specifically for an Erin Condren planner with all the boxes and headers and whatnot, but you will find you can use her stickers anywhere and everywhere anyway. And if you need boxes… she does have those, too.

Here is a Hobonichi Weeks planner where I used her stickers even though there are no kits specific to this particular planner. I mainly used the Color Set 577:


Not only do I feel supported by Mandy, but also by the community she has created with her ambassadors. She is in constant contact with all of us, and all of her ambassadors are active in our group DMs. We all support each other’s content and freely give each other advise and suggestions. Social Media and being a “content creator” is A LOT of work, and it helps to have back up.

my time is valuable.

It also simply comes down to a feeling. There are only so many shops I can PR for without feeling overwhelmed and Designer Chameleon makes the cut.

Feel free to ask me anything! Or let me know what shops you PR for and why in the comments below!

peace & cookies!


Want to know how to find Mandy?

Website: www.designerchameleon.com

Email: Mandy@DesignerChameleon.com

Instagram: @designerchameleon

YouTube: Designer Chameleon

And you can save 15% by using my code – Megan15

designer chameleon.com

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