why do I plan?

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Today is National Planner Day and I’ve taken some time to think about why I plan. I was inspired to do this because Erin Condren sent me their special edition Love to Plan notebook (along with some other goodies!), and it’s very pretty! The color looks pink in natural light and purple in indoor light, which is very interesting and fun!

Life is chaotic. No matter who you are and how well you are seemingly put together I know life isn’t easy for you, either. I plan because it gives me a small sense of control and a way to remove the chaos from my head and put it on paper.

During college, I had to write everything down or I wasn’t showing up because I always had so much going on. Just to show my age, this was when we didn’t live by our phones (but, I did have one) and there weren’t alarms to remind you of events. My planning was purely functional, nothing fancy, and no stickers. After college, I still used a planner; however, I wasn’t as busy anymore. I mostly went to work, out to a bar, and to bed. Every once in a while I had a date. When I moved to Colorado, some of those dates were with mountains or with my newly adopted dog (and sometimes also a mountain), but most of these things just happened or someone dragged me to it.

I will fast forward through the period in my life where I worked so hard and so much I questioned all my life choices and cried driving into the office and right on into a little over a year ago to when I found the planner community. I discovered all kind of different ways of planning, different planners I never knew existed, and new creative outlets for my anxiety. I’d always thought of planning as purely functional for me until I discovered the planning community and started to really evaluate how planning helps me. I’ve always been a writer, and I journaled for my mental health, but I didn’t realize I could meld the two together. So, I plan even at times I don’t have anything to plan because it’s often simply therapeutic for me. If it ever feels like a chore I take a break.

What are my favorite planner tools? Well, other than the planner itself (hehe), I have to say pens. Or stickers. Pens and stickers, two things I have loved to collect for as long as I can remember.

Take a moment and think about your planner journey! It’s National Planner Day, so perfect time to take as step back and remember why you started. It’s so easy to get caught up in the next best thing or what everyone else is doing or if your spreads are as good as everyone else’s, but it’s only worth it if you are doing it for you. At least, that’s how I feel.

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Peace & Cookies!


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