need a Mother’s Day gift idea?

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I was lucky enough to receive, at no cost, one of Erin Condren’s Mother’s Day bundles! They are making finding gifts for the mother-figure in your life maybe too easy…! I received the Wonder Woman bundle, which would be perfect for the hero in your life – whoever that may be! Priced at $52.00, which is a savings of $14.50 if items are purchased separately!!

This particular bundle has a Wonder Woman lined notebook that says “Momming is my Superpower.” While the one in the bundle is lined, you can get one that is a dot grid, blank, or even a productivity layout that includes a to-do list down the side if you purchase separately! The wording can also be customized to change what the superpower is (dadding, writing, painting)! Or you can add a name and change the colors. That is definitely one of the things that makes this the perfect gift – you can make it fit your hero! If you watch my YouTube video posted at the end of this article, you can watch me customize one myself! As indicated, when purchased as part of the bundle, you will get the exact notebook, as is, I received! Which is perfect for Mother’s Day!

The bundle also included a beautiful Focused Gold Gel Pen in a fancy case. If your hero is anything like me and loves pens, this is a wonderful pen to gift! I also tested this pen on Erin Condren paper and it writes nicely – smooth with just enough scratch so you can feel it write. Along with a pen, what else goes with a notebook better than stickers?! This bundle comes with a sheet of Wonder Woman Stickers! These are those stickers that are almost 3D and super glossy! Lastly, a Wonder Woman Planny Pack rounds out this gift bundle. I, personally, really love Erin Condren’s planny packs. I have way too many pens, but I can never decide which ones I want to bring on-the-go with me – these planny packs allow me to bring a big handful with me so I have lots to choose from! Along with a few key planner tools! (Okay, I admit, I always bring way too much stuff with me wherever I go!)

These aren’t the only things that make for great gifts! I love a lot of the items you can find in the Desk Accessories, as well as PENS! I just know you can find the perfect gift for the mom figure in your life on the Erin Condren website! Be sure to check out my YouTube video where I talk about all the items in this Mother’s Day bundle and scroll through a few other great gifts on the site!

Save by purchasing the bundle!!

Peace & Cookies!

megan b

Me and my wonderful, resilient, beautiful, superhero Mother!

Need a Gift for Mom? | Erin Condren Mother’s Day Bundles!

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