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I spend too much time on Amazon. Looking for things I want on a whim and finding other things I never would have been looking for. If I buy something I need, I probably only needed it because I wanted it. I know no one out there actually needs help finding new things to buy, but here is MY list of my favorite planning items I’ve found on Amazon!

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Tombow Dual Brush Pens

I love these Dual Brush pens from Tombow! I am partial to grays and purples, but I am working on collecting all the colors. They are often at a reduced price on Amazon; however, Tombow has frequent sales on their website, as well.

Check them out at Tombow: Dual Brush Pens

I use these pens to add interest to my spreads – sometimes even instead of stickers! There are so many colors, you can always find one or two that compliment whatever stickers you have chosen.

The Galaxy Palette ones are VERY pretty.

Small Trash Can

This little trash can is adorable! But it’s also functional for a smaller desk space. I found myself with all these small pieces of washi, paper, and other things I’d just toss on my workspace (or they’d find their way to the floor). But this little trash can is perfect for those little things!

You can also get these little trash bags to use with it!

Purple Wire Binder Clips

I love all things purple! But these wire binder clips are so pretty, and they even come in a container that is usable for storage.

I use them to mark my place in my planners (specifically my A5 rings) by clipping together all past pages to I flip right to the current week or day.

Here are some rose gold one, because I couldn’t just have one color: Rose Gold Clips

BEIWO 0.5 mm Gel Ink Pens

I could do an entire post dedicated to just pens (maybe I will). I am partial to grays and purples, but I also love a good set of colorful pens, as well.

I love this set because there are so many colors, and they have a nice, fine tip and write really well.

White Post-it Notes

These are great for adding notes to planner pages without standing out too much. Or even for covering up mistakes, or creating an even, clean space to create something new!

Sticker Paper

This sticker paper can be used in a similar way to the white Post-it notes – if you need to cover up mistakes or create a blank canvas!

I also use this paper to make my own stickers sometimes – you don’t need a fancy paper cutter, all you need is a printer and scissors (although, I have a Cricut).

Fun Shaped Paper Clips

Can you come up with a reason you don’t need heart-shaped paper clips? Neither could I.

Or Music Notes.

Or the word Love.

Or Arrows.

Or Flowers.

You’re welcome.

BRIGHT Lights!

If you are taking pictures to post on Social Media or filming videos for YouTube, you need good lighting! Having bright light coming from multiple sides will help eliminate shadows, especially when you don’t have a space with really good natural lighting (natural light is always best).

I love these ones. Just don’t point them in anyone’s eyes (including your own).

iPad/Phone Holder

I was searching and searching for a holder that would work for both a phone and my iPad, and this is it. I have the holder taped (with Gorilla tape because the 3m was not strong enough) to my craft bench so I can film overhead and it works perfectly. Between the ball and the arm, I can change the angle to fit whatever I am doing.

I use this holder for filming straight and to hold my iPad like a computer: Adjustable iPad Stand

Washi Holder

Where do you store your washi? Just wherever they fall. That was me until I found these rings.

I now have so much washi, I have washi on my rings and washi in a storage container I found at Michael’s: Three-Drawer Washi Organizer by Simply Tidy™

I hope this was as fun for you as it was for me! And that I helped you find something you really (really) need! (*wink, wink.) If there is anything you’ve found and want to share, please leave a comment and let me know!!

Peace & Cookies


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