New Year Stronger You!

As part of the Erin Condren affiliate program (#ECSquad), I was given a fantastic and exciting opportunity to take part in their New Year Stronger You collaboration!

(Links within this post are affiliate links; therefore, I receive a small commission on purchases made using them. I did receive this collaboration box for free, but these are my honest opinions.)

I received TWO bundles! One for goal setting, and the other for visioning. 2020 was not an easy year; I think setting goals and visioning what we hope to gain from 2021 will be important for us to find clarity and purpose over the next year. So, add to your cart for you OR for someone you care about!

The Goal Setting Bundle included an A5 prompted journal, classic dual tipped markers, and decorative goal setting stickers!

Note: As of writing this, the bundle was SO popular, it is sold out; however, the Goal Setting Petite Planner is just as wonderful! And you can shop the rest to make your own bundle!

What I like about this journal is how you are given guidance on how to build a goal, and each goal is given it’s own, undated section (all different colors). Each section not only has space to outline your goal, but multiple “check in” pages where you can make ensure you are making progress. These check in pages are so important because writing down a goal can be easy, and then promptly forgetting about it is even easier! However, if you break your goal down in small, achievable pieces you are more likely to be successful! Checking in on those small victories will help motivate you to keep going.

The Vision Bundle included an prompted Vision journal (sized 7×9), colorful dual tipped markers, and a gorgeous pencil case!

I really like how this journal is so open to creativity. With blank spaces, you have the ability to make it your own – adding pictures, words, quotes, stickers. This journal also has guidance on how to create your vision, which is helpful because we are all familiar with goals but visions are a different way of viewing goal setting. This may be a bit too open-ended for me, which makes it intimidating. I may use it more as a portable vision board where the entire journal is one, big, life vision (instead of individual ones on each page). And use the prompted writing spaces to provide updates and notes.

This was such a FUN experience and I look forward to more collaborations to come!

Check out my video unboxing this Collab:

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