what’s in my Erin Condren cart?

I am an #ECInsider and on the #ECSquad! But because I am an #ECInsider, I will EARLY ACCESS to the to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday 30% off sale (early access starts today, November 18th)! I have been waiting for this and I am going to STOCK UP! So, what am I getting?? Keep reading to find out!

#ECInsiders get early access TODAY, November 18th. General public access starts November 23rd. But, don’t worry, you still have time to sign up to be an Insider! Click HERE to become an Insider!

(All links within this post are affiliate links – I have added them for your convenience if you like what I have in MY cart! While they cost you nothing to use, I may receive a small commission for any purchases you make through them. Thank you so much for supporting me!)

Okay, so maybe I’m just too excited; but, yes, I already had my cart full and ready for the sale!

Check out what’s in my cart:

The first items in my cart are the HELLO KITTY STICKY NOTE BOOKLET and the HELLO KITTY VELVET PENCIL POUCH. These are relatively newly releases and I was REALLY excited for this collaboration! I was reserved in my purchase with the initial launch and I was very proud of myself. Well, now with the 30% off sale, I have an excuse to buy more! I see a lot of planners use sticky notes as part of their pre-planning process. I will likely use these sticky notes for that, as well as for just decorating my planners! (And leaving notes for my hubby!) And the pouch will be the perfect thing to wrap around my planner so I always have some pens at the ready!

The next item is SHIMMER PURPLE SOFTBOUND NOTEBOOK! This is such a pretty purple color! I will be getting my name customized on it (megan b) in rose gold, and it will be the dot grid version. I recently have experimented with making my own daily pages in an Erin Condren notebook and the dot grid will make that easier! I might actually add a second one of these in another color as a gift for a certain, special someone.

Dr_AlvaPlans had a giveaway with the SHIMMER IVORY SOFTBOUND LIFEPLANNER™ and I fell in LOVE with it. This ivory color is gorgeous! And the A5 size is my favorite for a planner because it is very portable. I don’t often go for a horizontal layout, but I am going to try it with this planner. I did get a horizontal planner (because it was on sale) to track the work I have to do for my FINAL grad class and it’s working out well.

The NEUTRAL TABBED STICKY NOTES seem like a good way to mark pages I may want to go back to without adding any bulk. And the PLUM OMBRE ACCORDION ZIPPER POUCH will be the perfect place to not only store some of my pens, but to coordinate them by color or brand or style – I will decide once I have it in my hands! Who can resist stickers? I most definitely can not! The STICKER BOOK MONTHLY EDITION 6 is going to be perfect for months when I just want stickers already coordinated for me and, well, the WINTER HOLIDAY CLEAR STICKER SHEET is perfect because Christmas is just around the corner!

Honestly, I never really figured I would be drawn to neutral colors. I always figure myself to be someone who is full of colors! The more the better! However, the neutral collection is my jam! The products are just so pretty and will allow for my own creativity to shine through! So, I put the LAYERS NEUTRAL ASSORTED LIFEPLANNER STICKER PACK to go with the LAYERS NEUTRAL POCKET PLANNER in my cart. The pocket planner is only 3.5” x 6.25” – this may make for a perfect future planner because it will fit in a bag, purse, or back pocket to be referred to when trying to plan beyond the current week. I can’t wait to get my hands on this one to get a real feel for how big it is and how I can use it.

A few of the #ECSquad members received these super cute METAL BOOKMARKS recently and, I have to admit, I was a bit jealous. I put the “Believe” and “Create” ones in my cart, but I may end up adding in the “Plan” one, too!! These are obviously great for marking you place in a planner or in a book, but I also use my Hello Kitty ones to hold loose sticker pages together! Lastly, I put the COLORFUL PLAYING CARDS in my cart because they are just so beautiful I couldn’t resist. I actually think I might use them for an art project instead of as playing cards – they may look perfect in my memory planner stacked behind pictures! Does that mean I should buy two packs??

Let me know what you think of my choices! And let me know what is in YOUR cart during this incredible sale!!

Peace & Cookies!!

megan b

P.S. In case you are shopping for loved ones, here’s when you need to order by:

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